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Tortoise Shell Mesh

It is our new product named Tortoise Shell Mesh, which can reinforce high-temperature-resistance lining materials. It is made of carbon steel (A3F) or special material 0Cr12. It is spot welded to the interior wall of the boiler or hot air tunnel, then coated with anti-fire material.

Advantages: This kind of hexagonal mesh greatly strengthens the anchoring capacity of the mesh and lining material. It can control the heating layer from breaking and strengthen the firmness of the lining materials.

We offer different materials for this mesh used for pouring lining materials and strengthening of lining materials.
Materials Available: A grade common carbon steel 0Cr13.1Cr13 or 0Cr18Ni9Ti. Pitch distance:  2cm-6cm. Mesh Thickness: 1cm-2.5cm. Sheet thickness: 1mm-3mm.

Sheet Size: We have supplied metal fittings for many factories in China, also supplied lining metal work pieces for many petroleum equipment manufacturers of China. Our products are widely used in large devices for petroleum chemical, especially for lining structures of main equipment of accelerators devices. A3F is the mostly used materials, while 1Cr13 alloy is applied for high temperature work condition. Tortoise shaped mesh is made from 20*17.5 mm flat steel belt in a form of hexagonal grating for interior material strengthening.
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