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Fiberglass Mesh

The Fiberglass Mesh is a mesh fabric wovened from the fiberglass yarn and roving. It is coated with special Resin or Latex, such as Alkaline Resistant Latex and Fiberproof Latex.


The Fiberglass Netting gets high strength at horizontal and vertical direction. So as it is widely used in each kind of reinforced composition, such as wall reinforcement, External Thermal Insulating Composite Systems(EIFS) or  External Insulating Finish Systems (ETICS), boat building and so on.

Brief information of our factory:


73 platinum gold crucible for fiberglass yarn drawing;

120 looms for fiberglass netting;

Productivity for fiberglass mesh:8,000,000m2/month;

Quality:platinum gold crucible drawing fiberglass yarm type.

Low Price High Quality

Most of NINGBO's fiberglass mesh factories buy fiberglass yarn from our factory.

For we produce the material for fiberglass netting, so our price is always lower

a lot in the same quality,compare with othe suppliers in China,
We can guarantee more stable quality,and more stable delivery time.


Passed  ISO9001:2000 certificate , China National test, Faith Enterprices of government

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